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Prequel Session 2

Mad ramblings in the dark

Uri arrived in town, stopped at Barthen’s and found out his friend Gundren was missing, and then went to the Stonehill Inn looking for Gadiel and Nikolas, and sat for a few drinks (during which Elsa hit on Uri). During this time the group returned with their goods, dropped them off with the Lionshead Coster and while returning to the inn, met Uri. Catching eachother up, the group headed over to the Sleeping Giant Inn and got in a fight with 4 of the Redbrand Ruffians, capturing one, who they beat behind the inn till Mael creepily talked him into telling all he knew, they then took him to Sildar to be jailed.

The group then went to the Alderleaf farm to talk with Carp, who told them he saw the brigands emerge from a tunnel near Tresendar Manor (and Mael acted very creepy with the young Carp in front of his mother, offering to give the kid a sword like he asked).

The group set out to enter the manor through its hidden entrance and found a room with a crevasse with two bridges and a horrible one eyed creature, that probed the characters’ minds and whispered maddly about their deepest secrets, Uri was especially disturbed. They fought with the beast, Uri tried running away across one of the bridges, but it collapsed as he passed over it, falling into the crevasse, and Nikolas was thrown in after him. They both climbed out on the other side and the group eventually managed to take down the beast, a Nothic, but not before it’s mad cackling and mind intrusions had shaken the group. In the crevasse Uri found a chest filled with some treasure including two healing potions and a magic Longsword (Talon), which was given to Nikolas, after they left and took a long rest.

The group then retired to the inn to rest and recuperate from their fight with the four brigands. Mael again impregnated the innkeeper’s daughter.

The next day they reprovisioned, and Gadiel went to the Shrine of Tymora, and agreed to help her with a quest to find out the location of a spellbook from the banshee Agatha. The group then returned through the tunnel and began going through the cellar taking out the ruffians and their hires. They successfully cleared out 11 brigands, 3 bugbears, and 3 skeletons in total, but unfortunately the leader of the Redbrands, Glasstaff, escaped, though through documents left behind the group determined that he was in fact Iarno Albrek, a wizard and friend of Sildar Hallwinter (the man who was traveling with Gundren Rockseeker) who had gone missing 2 months ago. The group also rescued the Dendrar family, and agreed to take care of burying Thel. The group now must see them safely back to town.


Mael, Uri, Gadiel, and Nikolas gained 650 XP

Prequel Session 2
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