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Prequel Session 5

Burn Baby Burn

The group returned from their wanderings in the east to claim their bounties on orcs and refresh themselves before heading out to the abandoned village of Thundertree, to search for the druid Reidoth (who might be able to tell them where Cragmaw castle is).

The group settled in at the bar, ordering drinks, and noticing a slovenly fighter stuffing his face with ale and food, a good deal of it ending up in his mutton chops. Mael began to sing for his supper, and cast glances at his lady love, and for the first time noticed the innkeeper’s displeasure. Feeling saucy, Mael walked up to the Toblen Stonehill, the innkeeper, and told him how he would take care of his daughter and that he could probably even find a husband for his other daughter. This comment greatly angered Toblen , since his other “daughter” was actually a son.

Mael, not to be stopped by common decency, then returned to his stage area and began singing a bawdy tune about fornicating and penetrating the innkeeper’s daughter in every possible way, in every possible location. Pushed past his breaking point, the innkeeper charged Mael with a frying pan and a bottle of liquor. The group watched on amused, until the innkeeper arrived at Mael, and after swigging from the bottle and grabbing a torch blew a gout of flame on Mael. The group was shocked, but quickly got to their feet.

Mael struck Toblen with his rapier, but he paid no mind and then blew a second gout of flame upon Mael before dropping the bottle and wrestling the rapier from Mael’s hand. The second gout of flame also started igniting the furnishings, but the innkeep paid it no mind so incensed with rage at Mael’s taunting.

Droop, the goblin pet of Mael’s, tried to help out by throwing a bottle at Toblen, but missed, and succeeded only in igniting the flames even more, he then passed out. Uri grabbed a few cups of ale to put out the fire, not noticing that most of them had been boilermakers, and served only to fan the flames. Barnabus, the potbellied slob, tried putting out the flames by pissing on them, but to no avail other than singing some hairs. Nikolas attempted to intercede on Mael’s part, but only got stabbed in thanks.

Mael tried running away with the innkeeper’s daughter and then returned to the inn and was cut down for it (and now pees three ways after being sporked with his own rapier), while Nikolas fought with Toblen. Uri and Tanner attempted to put out the flames, with many mishaps including burning themselves on a hot pot of stew and slipping in said stew. Eventually they managed to throw the pot at the wall and put out most of the flames, and breaking open the stairs in the process (which revealed a hidden chest). Uri had also noticed that a large amount of booze was tricking towards a fallen torch.

Mayhem ensued, and the net result was the innkeeper ran upstairs to take care of his wife, Uri left with the chest, the inn burned so much that the innkeeper and his wife collapsed through the the ceiling, nearly dying if not for the aid of Tanner. The group (except for Uri and Gadiel) were arrested along with the innkeeper and his family after allegations raged about how the fire was started flew and Toblen’s daughter telling everyone that Mael had been forcing himself upon her every night.

Uri broke out the group, and Tanner decided to accompany them, since they clearly were in great need of moral guidance.

The group then set out for Thundertree, encountering an owlbear on their way. And a second when they camped for the night outside of Thundertree (probably attracted by the great amount of food embedded in Tanner’s mutton chops). The group entered the former village of Thundertree and encountered a sign saying:
DANGER! Plant monsters AND zombies! Turn back now!

Not easily dissuaded, the group entered and encountered a few twig and vine blights, but had no difficulty dispatching them. They continued and came across the building that Reidoth had made his home. He agreed to tell them where Cragmaw castle is, and asked that they might help him out. Reidoth has been working to deal with the zombies and evil plant monsters in the village, but recently the balance has been thrown against him with the appearance of a young green dragon in the tower on the northside of the village and the recent appearance of a group of men wearing strange masks and wing like cloaks. He asked that they deal with them, so that he might better be able to work to restore this area to a natural balance.

The group decided to oblige him, after Tanner prodded them. They decided to deal with the men first, and stopped at the abandoned herbalist shop mentioned by widow Mirna Dendrar (a woman whom they had rescued from the Red Brand Ruffians, along with her children). They found the building the group was hiding in, blocked the exits and threw torches on the roof to get their attention, and the proceeded to quickly slaughter them without ever speaking, though they did leave one barely alive to talk with.



Tanner, Nikolas, Mael, and Uri:
Monsters slain: 500 XP

Tanner: inventive ideas: 100 XP
Mael: roleplaying: 200 XP
Uri: thieving and ideas: 250 XP
Nikolas: attempting to solve things peacefully: 100 XP

Prequel Session 5
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