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Prequel Session 6

What's a little gas between friends

With the building the unfortunate dragon fanatics were in burning, Mirella decided to pile on shoot off several more firebolts to really keep it going. The rest of the group realized this might attract the dragon’s attention, just a little bit, and decided to fan out and find hiding spots while waiting for it to show up. Mael and Barnabus both took the prisoner back towards Reidoth’s house. While laying in wait for the dragon to show, Mirella made an illusion of Nickolas roasting some large white substance on the burning building. The plan was going well until several of the members noticed that the fire was attracting the attention of more than just the dragon, a group of ashen and charred zombies were making their way towards where Mirella and Talborak (who was too busy pissing on a tree to notice). A fight broke out, and Uri and Gadiel both worked to help out the waylaid with and her defender. As the battle was ending the group was treated to a terrible roar, coming from the old wizard’s tower.

The dragon could be seen making its way towards the fire, and with zombies dispatched the group quickly worked to take cover and try to salvage their ambush, Gadiel ran into an abandoned building, only to find it less abandoned, with several twig blights lurking and waiting, to which he quickly ran back outside. The group thought they were hiding well, though the dragon was aware of them all, except for Talborak who flexed his muscles and called out a challenge to it. Mirella ran out from hiding to shoot a fiery ray at the beast, which caught its attention and it landed to unleash its breath weapon on her an Talborak, Mirella managed to dodge aside and avoid the worst of it, and Talborak in his rage washed away much of the toxic gas.

Gadiel got off one guiding bolt upon the beast before being beset by the twig blights, and Nickolas assisted in removing them. Uri fired off a crossbow bolt at the dragon before closing with his axes. Unfazed by the groups attacks the dragon opened itself to attack and again unleashed its poisonous breath upon Mirella, Uri and Talborak. This time Mirella succumbed and would have been dead if not the titanic lungs of Uri who sprang in front of her and sucked in much of the poison, and then spit it back in the very perturbed dragon’s face. The dragon, too injured to run was forced to fight the enraged Talborak, who eventually fell to wounds from the dragon, but by then Nickolas was able to join the fray and assist Uri in bringing the wounded beast to ground.

An astonished Reidoth, arrived with the rest of their companions to heal the party. The group found a few treasures within the dragon’s lair and set Talborak to the job of skinning the beast for its hide. While this occurred the party interrogated the prisoner, finding out he was part of the Cult of the dragon (which he had joined to score some tail). He told them some truths and lies, and eventually they sent the piss soiled fanatic running (which Talborak interrupted by throwing a stone at, nearly killing the fleeing man, who quickly attracted a pack of ash zombies that devoured him).

Reidoth admitted Talborak (before the stone throwing) into the order of the Emerald Enclave, to be a warrior fighting for nature and its balance.

Balance partially restored to the Thundertree, Reidoth sent the group with his blessing and a few spells of protection to keep them safe on their journey out of Neverwinter Wood. The group, being so class to Neverwinter, detoured there to unload some of their acquired treasures and enlist the services of a veteran armorer to make a suit of dragon scale armor for them (bargained down to 1,000 GP, which even if no one in the group wore it might be sold to the right buyer for 9,000 GP later).

Rested and unburdened, the group set out for the location of Cragmaw castle. Uri and Mirella (separately) scoped out the exterior of the now decrepit castle, and found what they believed to be a back entrance into the castle. The group followed in and came across a door where they could hear voices arguing. The group prepared to the throw open the door and charge blindly and heroically in…


Session XP:

Barnabus: 300 XP for putting character up on Obsidian Portal

Uri, Mirella, Talborak, Nickolas, Gadiel:
Killing things: 860 XP
All of these individuals have inspiration, if they didn’t already have it

Uri, Mirella, Talborak, Nickolas, Gadiel, Mael, Barnabus:
Help out Reidoth: 200 XP

Nickolas, Mirella:
Interrogating prisoner: 50 XP

Successfully attracting the attention of the dragon: 50 XP

Absorbing poison: 50 XP

bargaining: 50 XP

Prequel Session 6
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