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Prequel Session 7

Stab her in the face, I mean it

The group kicked open the door to confront the voices. They found a bugbear wearing a crown, a wolf, female drow, and an unconscious Gundren Rockseeker.

Combat ensued, with reninforcements from nearby rooms arriving, along with a returning warband of hobgoblins and an unchained owlbear. Without casualties, however, the group was victorious, and they found that the bugbear leader had stored a sack of coins and healing potions, along with Gundren’s map to wave echo cave.

While some of the group was dealing with healing Gundren and tying up the drow (who turned out to actually be a doppelganger), Talborak began to kill the unconscious goblins/hobgoblins put to sleep by Mirella’s spell. Barnabus worked to interfer with this multiple times, finally getting Talborak to leave them alive as prisoners.

With Gundren and the prisoners on their feet, the group left the castle, worried that more reinforcements might yet show up. When they got to their horses, the group began interrogating the doppelganger, until Uri upset by its possible lies, punched it into unconsciousness. The group took a short rest and was preparing to saddle their horses, when several of them noticed an ambushing group of orcs closing in on their location.

The group prepared for the fight, but did not notice through the trees that they were being aided by Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek. In the confusion the doppelganger slipped its bonds and joined the fray. Very nearly the group was vanquished, but the tides began to turn when Mirella used her scroll of lightning bolt to down Iarno.

With victory in hand, Nickolas made sure that Iarno and the doppelganger stayed down by stabbing them both through the heart.

The group returned with Iarno’s body to the town of Phandalin, where they’re names, but not their reputations, had been restored by a traveling paladin who set the truth of Innkeeper’s daughter to light, as well as some divinations revealing the extent of the groups involvement in burning down the inn.

The group left to camp in the woods, not wanting to stay in town, preparing to set off for the mine in the morning.



Saving Gundren: (Everyone)
200 XP ea

for killing: (Talborak, Barnabus, Mirella, Nick, Gadiel, and Uri)
667 XP ea

Returning Iarno (aka Glassstaff)’s body:
(Talborak, Barnabus, Mirella, Nick, Gadiel, and Uri)
100 XP ea

Destroying the main forces/leadership of Cragmaw castle
(Talborak, Barnabus, Mirella, Nick, Gadiel, and Uri)
50 XP ea

Role playing:
Talborak: 50 XP
Barnabus: 50 XP

Prequel Session 7
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