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Knock Knock

Mirella received notice that the sage she had hired had completed his research and revealed to her that the mirror she sought could be found within Undermountain, in the tomb of Levin d’Orange, an adventurer of old.

The group descended down into the dungeon exploring to the south and east of the entry, as that was the description the sage gave to Mirella. While scouting Uri was “ambushed” by a Xorn, whom he then ambushed as well (once the rest of the group was with him) causing it to flee. Later they found a hallway filled with floating candles, at the end of which they came upon a carrion crawler eating a giant worm and three inscriptions on the dead end of the wall:
“No golden throne
Come with ease
By Nimraith’s bones
Ye shall be pleased”

“Seek not here
Twill not be found
Treasure lies, I fear;
Far underground”


Next the group filled in some of the gaps in their map and found a mist filled stair way with a phantom elf sentry. Uri also found a stairway leading down that filled with flame after descending.

Moving more south, Uri found a room filled with the sound of clinking coins, which Mirella threw open revealing 5 goblins, whom she fireballed, followed by Uri moving into attack, and encountering one goblin that was actually a mimic. Mirella then used her wand of wonder, which set off another fireball on her and Uri, nearly killing her familiar. While looting the room, a pack of shadows snuck up Nikolas nearly killing him in a massive gang attack, draining almost all of the strength from his body. After a hard fought battle the group retired into the room where the goblins had been so that Nikolas and Talborak could recover their strength.

After resting for awhile, there came a knock upon the door, with a voice asking in Giant, “Anyone in there”. Uri teleported out around the corner and found himself surrounded by trolls. The group was forced to fight them in a battle of attrition with these regenerating brutes, with luck only being that they were forced to come in through the one small door and could only attack one individual at a time. Eventually they were successful and then beat a hasty retreat back to the surface.


Uri, Gadiel, Nikolas, Mirella, Talborak: 3,510 XP for killing things

Knock Knock
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