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Prequel Session 3
Skipping Merrily through the woods

Mirella and Talborak finally made their way to the town of Phandalin and met up with the group on their way back from Tresander Manor. Gadiel escorted the family they rescued back to their home and made arrangements to have the father buried by the Priestess of Tymora. The rest of the group turned in the bounty for defeating the Redbrand ruffians, and Sildar offered money if the group could bring in Iarno, preferably dead (to face justice by the Lord’s Alliance and also to learn what lead him down this path as he was a friend in the past).

The group rested for the night, with Mael getting another vigorous workout, before heading NE on the Triboar trail to seek out the Banshee Agatha, deal with the Orcs near Wyvern Torr, and Investigate what was going on at the Old Owl Well.

They encountered a few ambushes on their travels: a night time attack by a group of orcs from the Axebiter clan, a group of Cragmaw goblins on the trail, and later a small group of Hobgoblins on the trail with a bounty notice for Nikolas, offering 25 gp. One of the hobgoblins was captured and taken with them to Connyberry, which turned out to have been sacked a few years ago. The group tied him up, rested and went searching for the banshee the next day. The group managed to barter with Agitha for the requested information and then went back and allowed for the hobgoblin to escape, and then tracked him as he made his way, presumably to the Cragmaw castle. Everything was going swimmingly, until the hobgoblin came across a friendly ogre, at which point Talborak killed the hobgoblin while the group was ambushed by the ogre, though they managed to overpower it without much damage.

The group marked their trail and made their way, uneventfully back to Connyberry, preparing to set back down to take care of their unfinished business.

Prequel Session 2
Mad ramblings in the dark

Uri arrived in town, stopped at Barthen’s and found out his friend Gundren was missing, and then went to the Stonehill Inn looking for Gadiel and Nikolas, and sat for a few drinks (during which Elsa hit on Uri). During this time the group returned with their goods, dropped them off with the Lionshead Coster and while returning to the inn, met Uri. Catching eachother up, the group headed over to the Sleeping Giant Inn and got in a fight with 4 of the Redbrand Ruffians, capturing one, who they beat behind the inn till Mael creepily talked him into telling all he knew, they then took him to Sildar to be jailed.

The group then went to the Alderleaf farm to talk with Carp, who told them he saw the brigands emerge from a tunnel near Tresendar Manor (and Mael acted very creepy with the young Carp in front of his mother, offering to give the kid a sword like he asked).

The group set out to enter the manor through its hidden entrance and found a room with a crevasse with two bridges and a horrible one eyed creature, that probed the characters’ minds and whispered maddly about their deepest secrets, Uri was especially disturbed. They fought with the beast, Uri tried running away across one of the bridges, but it collapsed as he passed over it, falling into the crevasse, and Nikolas was thrown in after him. They both climbed out on the other side and the group eventually managed to take down the beast, a Nothic, but not before it’s mad cackling and mind intrusions had shaken the group. In the crevasse Uri found a chest filled with some treasure including two healing potions and a magic Longsword (Talon), which was given to Nikolas, after they left and took a long rest.

The group then retired to the inn to rest and recuperate from their fight with the four brigands. Mael again impregnated the innkeeper’s daughter.

The next day they reprovisioned, and Gadiel went to the Shrine of Tymora, and agreed to help her with a quest to find out the location of a spellbook from the banshee Agatha. The group then returned through the tunnel and began going through the cellar taking out the ruffians and their hires. They successfully cleared out 11 brigands, 3 bugbears, and 3 skeletons in total, but unfortunately the leader of the Redbrands, Glasstaff, escaped, though through documents left behind the group determined that he was in fact Iarno Albrek, a wizard and friend of Sildar Hallwinter (the man who was traveling with Gundren Rockseeker) who had gone missing 2 months ago. The group also rescued the Dendrar family, and agreed to take care of burying Thel. The group now must see them safely back to town.

Prequel Session 1
Journey to Phandalin and Goblin Genocide

Nikolas and Gadiel started off taking a low paying job, because Uri couldn’t be bothered to help out his friend and fellow dwarf Gundren Rockseeker transport some needed supplies to the small frontier town of Phandalin. Mirela and Talborak were busy dealing with Talborak’s adult circumcision, but world was left for them to meet up in Phandalin once everything was worked out. During the time they were transporting supplies from Neverwinter, they worked with Male (My-el) a halfing adventurer with a libido far larger than himself, who sang to them on the road of his own wondrous adventures. As they neared the settlement of Phandalin they came across a goblin ambush, where they were certain Gundren had been captured, seeing his dead horse in the middle of the road. Being victorious, just barely against four goblins, the group continued on to the settlement, dropped off supplies and most of the party rested for the night, except for Male, who will be the “proud” father the of a quarterling in 9 months (not that he knows that yet, the real question is will the inn keeper find out before him…)

Armed with many side quests, and for most a good night’s sleep, the group sent out to investigate further the goblin ambush. they came across a cave, where they began a bloody genocide, slaughtering goblins and wolves (most of whom were chained up unable to defend themselves, alignment change anyone) with impunity. They prevent one group of goblins from killing a man by wantonly ignoring the words of Yemek the goblin “Truce or I kill this human” by stabbing another goblin in the face, followed by the man being thrown off of a 10’ ledge. Yemek was captured, the human stabilized, and Gadiel touched the goblin in a special way, filling him with fear of his god Lathandar, after they pumped him for some information (even if the lawful good halfling whispered you should kill him). Armed with a goblin’s idea of how many 5 is, the group went on to finalize their genocide by attacking the once peaceful cave leader Klarg, the bugbear.

A fight quickly broke out when Gadiel stealthed forward with Nikolas by shout are those goblins over there, which lead to a confrontation with Klarg, and a near TPK. First Nikolas went down, then Gadiel sprouted some arrows in his back, and while Male ran away, after killing Klarg (yes a halfing bard killed a bugbear) chased by the bugbears wolf (renamed fluffy since the DM couldn’t be bothered to look and see that it was actually named ripper). All seemed lost, until Nikolas stabilized himself and Male managed to go three rounds without having his wittle neck ripped out by the fearsome fluffy, and killing it by rapiering it to death. Nikolas called for a truce, the group retreated outside the cave and then storyboarded the completion of their genocide (remembering then that they had left the stabilized human under some dead goblin corpses).

Nikolas returned with the human, Sildar Hallwinger the man who had road with Gundren towards Phandalin before being ambushed, back to town rested while his companions stayed in the goblin cave, sleeping well in a warm bed while for all he knew a returning party of the Cragmaw goblins returned and slaughtered his companions, and then returned in the morning with a wagon to transport back to town the pilfered goods they had found to turn in for a reward with the Lionshield Costers for 50 GP (yes friendship is that cheap).

The party now rewarded and winning accolades of some members of the town is ready to go out seeking side quests until they feel it is safe to go after their former employer who is probably being tortured by goblins and close to death, since why go for the main quest when you can level up on side quests anyways.

As a note, Uri, Mirela, and Talborak will be starting with 300 XP and thus be 2nd level like their companions.

The horror, the horror

Having successfully retrieved the floating book, Uri and Brak prepared to get dressed when floating out from the wall appeared the specter that had attacked them before, only this time he appeared with 4 orc specters as well. He commanded them, “Kill the other, but leave the dwarf for me”.

Uri Gimgirn quickly put on his ring and teleported part way up the stairs calling to them to try and distract them from the group, or save his own hide. However, it was the Holy power of Lathandar wielded by Brak and Gadiel that drove the specters away cursing, and vowing to bring more undead to the next encounter.

Fully clothed the group ascended the stairs to the lighting room and Mirela and Uri, protected from the lightning blasts, inspected the two southern doors for traps and then quickly ushered the group through the eastern one. Exploring they found 2 more doors in the corridor, one north and one south. The north led to a small alcove with the dessicated body of a robed person with a dagger in their back, clutching a book. Mirela picked up the book and opened it, and in a puff all of its interior flowed filled the room.

The southern door was covered in bronze, etched with an image of crown surrounded by several naked swords (or dwarves as some initially thought…). Upon entering the room the group found the decapitated corpse of a Manticore atop a canvas sack. Talborak went to move the corpse, and was beset by Rot Grubs, most were removed by Nikolas Evermoore’ flaming sword and an application of Cure Disease by Brak. Further into the room the group found an amber radiance emanating, a dozen suits of armor, and a cracked throne (the radiance came from the area in front of the throne).

Believing that the suits might be guardians and perhaps the ones that the Sage Riyal had offered to pay them for. Mirela determined the best solution would be to unleash her wild magic upon the room and stick the suits in webbing. Her efforts were wild for certain, first causing her to gain a brief period of X-ray vision, then to cause bright lights to dance within the room, and lastly to _____. At this point Uri chucked his axe at one of the suits, and all of them animated to attack.

The battle was long and grueling, but the party was finally victorious. The suits, as determined during combat, were more powerful Battle Horrors, and were able to blink in and out of existence creating great difficulty for the party to hit them. With the battle over, the priests set about healing the many wounds of the party, and Mirela waited for an allergy to magical things to abate. At this point Uri climbed upon the throne, at which point light began to draw from the floor into the throne. The group watched as the throne slowly filled with light until in a flash the light was gone, and with it Uri. Gadiel and Nikolas determined that the magic used while the throne was charging was alteration magic, which could mean that Uri had just been teleported, or he could also have been disintegrated. After several minutes passed the group decided to follow their companion, feeling that it most likely was a teleporation spell, and since Uri had not reappeared that he might be in danger.

The group found themselves in the Rat Hills of Waterdeep, and were forced to trudge through miles of garbage and polluted waters, luckily without event. Upon returning the group sought out Riyal and negotiated a new price (Perhaps they might have gotten an even better one if they had not smelled of rotting garbage) for the suits they hoped to return with after resting a day.

Clothing Optional

Having heard the sounds of opponents coming into the the drow spider altar room. Uri scouted ahead and found there were close to a dozen drow in the room preparing to ambush the party. With a few preparatory spells the group lead their counterattack on the drow. Talborak charged the priestess, but took a poisoned crossbow bolt to the back and soon fell into a stupor. Uri picked off several of the guards from high up on the spider altar. Mirela summoned several orcs, which helped to pick off and cut down the guards.

The battle won, the group stripped the dead of their equipment, and found they had several magic weapons, along with the priestess’ armor and a scepter. The group prepared to leave, with Brak carrying Talborak’s unconscious body, when Uri decided to try prying one of the statue’s gemstone eyes out again. While Uri searched for traps and carefully positioned himself, the group took bets on whether this time he would be knocked unconscious or not. To no one’s surprise, except possibly Uri’s, when the gemstone was removed it too exploded with great concussive force, badly injuring Uri for a second time.

The group left, heading back to the surface, but did not get far, as they walked through the next room, they were ambushed by 8 dopplegangers. The battle was swift, and while the group was victorious, the blows the dopplegangers succeeded on had been grievous. Quickly the group moved to the surface before any other monsters could find them.

The group spent 2 days in Waterdeep, having their wounds healed, and selling off the treasure they had picked up in their most recent delve, and bought some new equipment to help them on their adventures. While selling their drow items to Riyal the Mage, Riyal mentioned that he would pay them 500GP for each suit of armor from a helmed horror, and that he had heard rumor that many could be found in the southwest of the 1st level.

Fully rested and ready to go, the group descended and made their way to the drow spider altar room. From there they had Uri scout ahead. Shortly into his scouting they heard Uri scream for help as he was attacked by a mimic, that he claimed fell from the ceiling, but had been disguised as a dwarven statue with a giant amethyst. Further exploration found a storeroom of some kind filled with dozens of jugs of lamp oil.

Shortly after this they found a door to a large room with a statue. The statue sat on a 7’ high dias and was of the upper part of a humanoid, starting at its torso. The statue had its arms outstretched point to the door the group entered by and one of the doors on the opposite wall. Uri entered and examined the statue, found no traps but did find a secret door. As he was checking this out lightning bolts shot from the statues outstretched hands, one rickocheting harmlessly, the other hitting Nikolas, Mirella, and would have hit Gadiel, if the Blast Scepter that Mirella took from the dead drow priestess absorbed the bolt. The group entered the statue, and found stairs leading down. They came across a small room with decrepit furniture and a wizard scroll and potion. They then continued down, down, down until the stairs finally opened into a room, bare except for a shaft of light, 7’ in diameter with a book floating in it 19’ up.

The group was deciding on how to get the book when Talborak threw one of his hand axes into the shaft and saw it disintegrate. Mirella then summoned some more orcs, which she had form up a pyramid to try and get at the book, they almost succeeded, but were not quick enough to complete the task, but one fell through the shaft of light, upon which all of its equipment disintegrated, along with body hair.

After much deliberation Brak and Uri disrobed and entered the shaft, loosing all of their hair except for some stubble. Uri was then tossed up, caught the book which slowly floated down. The book was opened to its 5th page, upon which was written a formula for a priestly protection prayer.

Initial Delves

The group descended down into the bowels of Undermountain, and found their initial search of the dungeon fruitful, finding secret rooms and keys, and fighting only weak monsters. They came across a room with a statue, which when passed set off a trap with a Wand of Wonder. Mirella tried grabbing it and was unable to control it, and while holding it, it exploded in her hand, badly damaging it. The group explored further finding a door marked with a giant spider. They then explored a side passage, and found themselves trapped as a wall fell behind them. They were trapped for over 24h hours, with a wondering ettin that found a way in and attacked them. They were able to escape when a flight of gargoyles opened the falling wall. After their escapades the group left to unload their treasure. Their next adventure down was short as they were ambushed leaving a dead magic zone and came across a group of compelled assassins, dominated by Ibrahiem. The compelled assassins were nearly successful, but the group managed to pull through, and even managed to take some of them alive, whom they delivered to the Temple of Lathandar, to try and remove Ibrahiem’s control. The group rested for a few days, identifying the many magic items their assassins had held.

The group continued exploring the dungeon and found a teleport that led to the area they were trapped in before and the fresh remains of a less experienced adventuring group killed by a group of bugbears. They connected much of their map and then explored the hall of mirrors, and were forced to face themselves. In this case they were nearly wiped out, by the less chaotic magics of the bizaro Mirela. Licking their wounds the group returned to the surface to heal.

Despite their near misses with death the group descended down again and explored more of the dungeon. They came across an altar to Lloth where an elven child was being held by some drow guards. They rescued her and directed her back to the exit to the Yawning Portal, and then continued exploring the area. They were about to return to the altar room when one among them heard the sound of many shuffling feet entering there.

Before Undermountain

Nikolas waited at the tavern for his companions that he hoped would arrive, uncertain if they would come. He was gratified to see Gadiel arrive, along with a half-ogre companion, though the rest of the humans at the bar were less excited, but seemed unwilling to initiate a conflict with such a large half-breed. They were enjoying a few tankards of ale, when Mirela and her dour guardian Talborak arrived.

The group tracked down the location of the abominations camp, and Talborak scouted it out and found several makeshift huts, a large cage filled with captives (including Uri) along with several roasting pits. Uri had managed to hide one of his hand axes (how, no one wants to know), and has been biding his time waiting for his best chance to escape. As Talborak got back to the group he tripped and smashed his head on Gadiel’s mace, before loosing consciousness he said there were this many as he held up his hand.

The group observed the camp and saw that the abominations holding the captives were a group of humanoids that combined human and animal characteristics, some were mixtures of frog and others were scorpion. The mixture of features were not uniform, like bullywugs, and varied from creature to creature (some scorpion stock had a pincher for an arm, another human arms and scorpion tail).

Having determined the creatures were preparing to roast the captives, the group charged in. During the fight they found out that the creatures were able to regenerate their wounds quickly, and were only stopped by burning away their flesh. While the fight was raging the chieftain of the Broken Ones emerged, a large scorpion stock possessing more scorpion features than the others.

The battle was hard fought, but the group was victorious, and realizing that there were more of the creatures out hunting, they set a successful trap to eliminate the last of the evil creatures. The group found lots of coins and trade goods the creatures had raided from caravans as well as the alchemist Aureus, who had been hiding in his magical shrunken lab since the caravan he was traveling with was captured.

Aureus told them that he had been traveling to Waterdeep to explore Undermountain in search of Madgoth’s Castle. Rumor is that the current ruler of the castle has special knowledge of how to make Homuncli, a process Aureus wishes to learn. After his endeavors with the Broken Ones, Aureus feels he cannot hope to explore Undermountain on his own and asked the group to help him. In return for this aid and rescuing him, Aureus has agreed to provide the group with his potions at cost, and to perform identifications of potions and magic items (100GP per successful item identification + the pearl material component).

Having rescued Uri, Nikolas told the group about the quest his father had given him. His Uncle Nigel had kept a journal, recently found, it’s last entry detailed that he was going to the far off Firestorm Peak and his concern about the nature of what is kept within the peak, which is only accessible every 27 years for 28 days, the start of which would occur in about 60 days. Nikolas’ father had determined that while Firestorm Peak was very far away, a portal to it could be found somewhere within Undermountain.

The group agreed to help out Nikolas, each having their own varied reasons to enter the depths of the dungeon (Uri for the untold riches that reside in its depths waiting to be found, Mirela seeking a magic mirror that would allow her to speak with her departed parents, and Gadiel to purge some of the evil from the world). Their group reforged and fit with purpose, they traveled on to Waterdeep and rented rooms at the Yawning Portal and prepared to enter the dungeon.

What Came Before

Nikolas and Uri’s met while doing some privateering and mercenary work. Uri’s initial distrust of a pansy elf was overcome after working together through their early levels. During one of their expeditions they were joined by Gadiel, who hired them to help him clear out and resanctify a tomb that had been invaded by a fledgling necromancer. They were successful and Gadiel stayed on to slowly bring them onto a more righteous path. Mirela and Talborak are Rashemanians, Mirela, a wanderer came into Talborak’s village during Talborak’s rite of passage, during which he was assigned to be her guardian.

One day Nikolas and Uri were hired on to help recover a caravan’s stolen gems in Rasheman. They encountered Mirela and Talborak who were fighting a group bugbears and Rashemanians (who were being controlled by another source). After the fight they found that they were both going to the same place, albeit for separate reasons; Talborak and Mirela were investigating the recent disappearances of villagers that had been going on in the area. After some convincing by Mirela, Talborak agreed to join forces in this joint venture as he could not disobey his witch’s orders.

Eventually they found a cave entrance where they found the missing villagers and gems, which had been raided by the enchanted villagers. The group would find out that rather than a rogue wizard, the mastermind was in fact a powerful psionicist. The group was captured, except for Uri, who was able to slip into the shadows as his companions were slowly immobilized by the telepaths powers.

The telepath, Ibrahiem, began the process of attempting to dominate the party members, but encountered difficulties when he started with Mirela, and the demon within her head lashed out mentally at the psion. Taking advantage of the confusion, Uri began freeing the party members and Nikolas began battling Ibrahiem, managing to keephim from using his psionics by keeping him constantly on the defensive while Talborak and the others held off the still dominated Rashemanian villagers. After a long battle, Ibrahiem was badly wounded and managed to get a moment to detonate some of the ceiling and cause a cave in, separting him from the rest of the group.

Using magic and restraints the villagers were all rounded up and taken back, but their domination had not been ended. The group went out searching for a solution and eventually found another psionicist who was able to reverse the psychic surgery that had bound them to Ibrahiem. The group then led an expedition back to the cave, but found that he had escaped and run off to some unknown location.

The group continued adventuring together, with various frictions occurring between Talborak and Nikolas over the use of his unclean magic and racial heritage. Things were going well until they embarked upon a quest that Uri was hired on to recover some stolen gems and daughter (who was being enchanted into believing she was in love with her captor) of a noble from an evil wizard. While recovering the gems and rescuing the fair maiden, the group was stopped by the watch, and it was revealed that the wizard was in fact both truly loved by the woman and the rightful owner of the gems, and that the noble who had hired them was a jealous ex suitor who had been spurned by the woman. The group, except for Uri, who managed to elude capture, were jailed until Gadiel was able to, through divine challenge, prove their innocence in the ordeal. The group split up after their release with accusations flying from some that Uri had known all along that their patron was a fraud and ignored in favor of earning the gold reward, while others defended that he knew nothing.

It has been nearly a year since the group split up. Talborak and Mirela have continued adventuring together, searching for a way to quiet the demons of Mirela’s past. Uri, Gadiel, and Nikolas adventured together for a few more months after the incident, but Gadiel eventually went off to a Temple of Lathander to study and meditate, reflecting on all that he had done. A few months ago Uri and Nikolas were to go out on job when a message from Nikolas’ father arrived, by a raven, telling him he was needed back at his father’s grove. Uri was already fully hired and they were forced to part ways.

Nikolas’ father informed him that he had found new information on the whereabouts of where his uncle had gone missing almost 30 years ago. His father begged him to go seek out his uncle, because a great druid moot was being called that he needed to attend. Before leaving Nikolas’ father divined that Uri was currently held capture by horrid abominations. Nikolas sent out magic messages to collect his former companions to rescue Uri and then help him to find his uncle, if he still lives.


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