Vermont Gamers

What Came Before

Nikolas and Uri’s met while doing some privateering and mercenary work. Uri’s initial distrust of a pansy elf was overcome after working together through their early levels. During one of their expeditions they were joined by Gadiel, who hired them to help him clear out and resanctify a tomb that had been invaded by a fledgling necromancer. They were successful and Gadiel stayed on to slowly bring them onto a more righteous path. Mirela and Talborak are Rashemanians, Mirela, a wanderer came into Talborak’s village during Talborak’s rite of passage, during which he was assigned to be her guardian.

One day Nikolas and Uri were hired on to help recover a caravan’s stolen gems in Rasheman. They encountered Mirela and Talborak who were fighting a group bugbears and Rashemanians (who were being controlled by another source). After the fight they found that they were both going to the same place, albeit for separate reasons; Talborak and Mirela were investigating the recent disappearances of villagers that had been going on in the area. After some convincing by Mirela, Talborak agreed to join forces in this joint venture as he could not disobey his witch’s orders.

Eventually they found a cave entrance where they found the missing villagers and gems, which had been raided by the enchanted villagers. The group would find out that rather than a rogue wizard, the mastermind was in fact a powerful psionicist. The group was captured, except for Uri, who was able to slip into the shadows as his companions were slowly immobilized by the telepaths powers.

The telepath, Ibrahiem, began the process of attempting to dominate the party members, but encountered difficulties when he started with Mirela, and the demon within her head lashed out mentally at the psion. Taking advantage of the confusion, Uri began freeing the party members and Nikolas began battling Ibrahiem, managing to keephim from using his psionics by keeping him constantly on the defensive while Talborak and the others held off the still dominated Rashemanian villagers. After a long battle, Ibrahiem was badly wounded and managed to get a moment to detonate some of the ceiling and cause a cave in, separting him from the rest of the group.

Using magic and restraints the villagers were all rounded up and taken back, but their domination had not been ended. The group went out searching for a solution and eventually found another psionicist who was able to reverse the psychic surgery that had bound them to Ibrahiem. The group then led an expedition back to the cave, but found that he had escaped and run off to some unknown location.

The group continued adventuring together, with various frictions occurring between Talborak and Nikolas over the use of his unclean magic and racial heritage. Things were going well until they embarked upon a quest that Uri was hired on to recover some stolen gems and daughter (who was being enchanted into believing she was in love with her captor) of a noble from an evil wizard. While recovering the gems and rescuing the fair maiden, the group was stopped by the watch, and it was revealed that the wizard was in fact both truly loved by the woman and the rightful owner of the gems, and that the noble who had hired them was a jealous ex suitor who had been spurned by the woman. The group, except for Uri, who managed to elude capture, were jailed until Gadiel was able to, through divine challenge, prove their innocence in the ordeal. The group split up after their release with accusations flying from some that Uri had known all along that their patron was a fraud and ignored in favor of earning the gold reward, while others defended that he knew nothing.

It has been nearly a year since the group split up. Talborak and Mirela have continued adventuring together, searching for a way to quiet the demons of Mirela’s past. Uri, Gadiel, and Nikolas adventured together for a few more months after the incident, but Gadiel eventually went off to a Temple of Lathander to study and meditate, reflecting on all that he had done. A few months ago Uri and Nikolas were to go out on job when a message from Nikolas’ father arrived, by a raven, telling him he was needed back at his father’s grove. Uri was already fully hired and they were forced to part ways.

Nikolas’ father informed him that he had found new information on the whereabouts of where his uncle had gone missing almost 30 years ago. His father begged him to go seek out his uncle, because a great druid moot was being called that he needed to attend. Before leaving Nikolas’ father divined that Uri was currently held capture by horrid abominations. Nikolas sent out magic messages to collect his former companions to rescue Uri and then help him to find his uncle, if he still lives.


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