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Prequel Session Finale
The end is only the begining

The intrepid adventurers began by resting and recovering from their trials and tribulations, and then pressed on, finding the ancient forge of Wave Echo Cave, which even now possessed magical energy, though not as strong as it once was. Beside the forge they found a Spectator, which still guarded the place, but was dismissed by the deceptive lie of Barnabus T. Barnabus. Here they also found an enchanted breast plate and a holy mace of Lathandar. They then confronted angry wraith of a former mage, and then moved on to confront the Black Spider, where their superior numbers won them the day. Locked away in a room they found Gundren’s brother Nundro, unconscious but alive. Gundren was delighted to be reunited with his brother.

The group left to return to Neverwinter to collect the money for the suit of armor they had commissioned and sold it. Gadiel returned to Phandalen to restore Tresendar Manor as a temple of Lathandar. While slow to develop the Rockseeker brothers have slowly begun to repay the group with their 10% share in the mine’s profits.

Prequel Session 8
Dank Caves and Thunderous Waves

Having mustered their courage, the group delved into the entrance of Wave Echo Cave, led by Gundren. Upon entering the cave, it became quickly apparent where the name originated, as every few minutes there was a sound of crashing waves with a deep toll that shook the ground on which they stood. In the mouth of the entrance, they found a camp with supplies, along with the body of one of Gundren’s brothers. The group quickly pressed on, hoping that Gundren’s last brother might yet be alive. Barnabus tried, ineffectively to comfort the grieving dwarf.

After descending a short gorge they were presented with two tunnels, one leading to the northwest, and the other to the east. The group went north, following a series of passages that were a mix of rough and worked stone. Shortly they arrived at a small pond within a cavern, it’s waters inky black, and moving sluggishly to the north. Upon stepping nearer to the pond two dwarven skeletons emerged from the water, orcish arrows embedded in their bones. The group advanced to attack these foul undead, at which point Gadiel, who was bringing up the rear, was attacked by an ocher jelly.

Nickolas, withdrew from the skeletons to fight the jelly, only to find to his chagrin that slashing weapons caused the jelly to split into two new jellies, uninjured by his attack. Eventually through might and magic the group was able to subdue their attackers. Uri, suspected that there might be something important in the waters, and feeling do sense of impending doom, dived in, swimming around the bottom like at trout that has swallowed a belly full of rocks. Despite the rest of the group’s misgivings, Uri was proved right as he emerged with a wand that had been clutched by a long dead human skeleton, which turned out to be a wand of magic missiles.

After drying off a bit, the first bath any of the characters have had since this adventure began, Uri went off scouting up a set of stairs. He found a door, behind which he heard gruff voices speaking in goblin, and then moved on to a T intersection. Looking around a corner he saw a male Drow and bugbear on a ridge, and was spotted by the eagle-eyed drow, who shouted: “Kill the dwarf”.

With quick reflexes, the drow ran down Uri and struck him, again shouting his refrain. Uri back away shouting for aid, and made it back to the steps, as the door he had investigated was thrown open and 5 more bugbears emerged. Nickolas and Uri stood on the steps holding the line, while Barnabus used his glaive to strike from behind and Gadiel cast prayers to aid them. Things were going well enough, until the drow emerged from the pond, having swum up threw the channel the water was slowly leaving from, and knocked Gadiel unconscious. At this time the bugbears began to press upon the group. With some luck, and barely alive the group was able to slay the drow, who turned out to be a doppleganger, and all but one of the bugbears, which retreated into the room from which it came and barricaded the door.

Badly injured and worried that more enemies might soon arrive, the group retreated to the entrance of the cave to take a short rest and recover. With the expenditure of divine healing and a few potions, the group again set out, worried that if they went the same way they might come afoul of a trap, the group went to the east, finding a cavern, that was most likely the main entrance to the mine before its fall, filled with the skeletons of dwarves and orcs, and were soon assaulted by a murder of stirges. The buzzing of their wings was enough to put the group on guard and they were able to move swiftly on. They took a turn to the south and found what they presumed to be the assayer’s office, and more importantly to Uri, the assayer’s strongbox, which he found difficulty in opening.

The group then moved on to what was a guardroom, again filled with the skeletons of orcs and dwarves. Uri moved deeper into the room, seeing another chest, after which 9 skeletons assembled themselves from the bodies of the fallen (taking bones from multiple bodies). The fight would have been quickly and painlessly ended, except for the appearance of another ocher jelly, again attacking Gadiel from the rear. But like their opponents before them, they were quickly dealt with…

Prequel Session 7
Stab her in the face, I mean it

The group kicked open the door to confront the voices. They found a bugbear wearing a crown, a wolf, female drow, and an unconscious Gundren Rockseeker.

Combat ensued, with reninforcements from nearby rooms arriving, along with a returning warband of hobgoblins and an unchained owlbear. Without casualties, however, the group was victorious, and they found that the bugbear leader had stored a sack of coins and healing potions, along with Gundren’s map to wave echo cave.

While some of the group was dealing with healing Gundren and tying up the drow (who turned out to actually be a doppelganger), Talborak began to kill the unconscious goblins/hobgoblins put to sleep by Mirella’s spell. Barnabus worked to interfer with this multiple times, finally getting Talborak to leave them alive as prisoners.

With Gundren and the prisoners on their feet, the group left the castle, worried that more reinforcements might yet show up. When they got to their horses, the group began interrogating the doppelganger, until Uri upset by its possible lies, punched it into unconsciousness. The group took a short rest and was preparing to saddle their horses, when several of them noticed an ambushing group of orcs closing in on their location.

The group prepared for the fight, but did not notice through the trees that they were being aided by Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek. In the confusion the doppelganger slipped its bonds and joined the fray. Very nearly the group was vanquished, but the tides began to turn when Mirella used her scroll of lightning bolt to down Iarno.

With victory in hand, Nickolas made sure that Iarno and the doppelganger stayed down by stabbing them both through the heart.

The group returned with Iarno’s body to the town of Phandalin, where they’re names, but not their reputations, had been restored by a traveling paladin who set the truth of Innkeeper’s daughter to light, as well as some divinations revealing the extent of the groups involvement in burning down the inn.

The group left to camp in the woods, not wanting to stay in town, preparing to set off for the mine in the morning.

Prequel Session 6
What's a little gas between friends

With the building the unfortunate dragon fanatics were in burning, Mirella decided to pile on shoot off several more firebolts to really keep it going. The rest of the group realized this might attract the dragon’s attention, just a little bit, and decided to fan out and find hiding spots while waiting for it to show up. Mael and Barnabus both took the prisoner back towards Reidoth’s house. While laying in wait for the dragon to show, Mirella made an illusion of Nickolas roasting some large white substance on the burning building. The plan was going well until several of the members noticed that the fire was attracting the attention of more than just the dragon, a group of ashen and charred zombies were making their way towards where Mirella and Talborak (who was too busy pissing on a tree to notice). A fight broke out, and Uri and Gadiel both worked to help out the waylaid with and her defender. As the battle was ending the group was treated to a terrible roar, coming from the old wizard’s tower.

The dragon could be seen making its way towards the fire, and with zombies dispatched the group quickly worked to take cover and try to salvage their ambush, Gadiel ran into an abandoned building, only to find it less abandoned, with several twig blights lurking and waiting, to which he quickly ran back outside. The group thought they were hiding well, though the dragon was aware of them all, except for Talborak who flexed his muscles and called out a challenge to it. Mirella ran out from hiding to shoot a fiery ray at the beast, which caught its attention and it landed to unleash its breath weapon on her an Talborak, Mirella managed to dodge aside and avoid the worst of it, and Talborak in his rage washed away much of the toxic gas.

Gadiel got off one guiding bolt upon the beast before being beset by the twig blights, and Nickolas assisted in removing them. Uri fired off a crossbow bolt at the dragon before closing with his axes. Unfazed by the groups attacks the dragon opened itself to attack and again unleashed its poisonous breath upon Mirella, Uri and Talborak. This time Mirella succumbed and would have been dead if not the titanic lungs of Uri who sprang in front of her and sucked in much of the poison, and then spit it back in the very perturbed dragon’s face. The dragon, too injured to run was forced to fight the enraged Talborak, who eventually fell to wounds from the dragon, but by then Nickolas was able to join the fray and assist Uri in bringing the wounded beast to ground.

An astonished Reidoth, arrived with the rest of their companions to heal the party. The group found a few treasures within the dragon’s lair and set Talborak to the job of skinning the beast for its hide. While this occurred the party interrogated the prisoner, finding out he was part of the Cult of the dragon (which he had joined to score some tail). He told them some truths and lies, and eventually they sent the piss soiled fanatic running (which Talborak interrupted by throwing a stone at, nearly killing the fleeing man, who quickly attracted a pack of ash zombies that devoured him).

Reidoth admitted Talborak (before the stone throwing) into the order of the Emerald Enclave, to be a warrior fighting for nature and its balance.

Balance partially restored to the Thundertree, Reidoth sent the group with his blessing and a few spells of protection to keep them safe on their journey out of Neverwinter Wood. The group, being so class to Neverwinter, detoured there to unload some of their acquired treasures and enlist the services of a veteran armorer to make a suit of dragon scale armor for them (bargained down to 1,000 GP, which even if no one in the group wore it might be sold to the right buyer for 9,000 GP later).

Rested and unburdened, the group set out for the location of Cragmaw castle. Uri and Mirella (separately) scoped out the exterior of the now decrepit castle, and found what they believed to be a back entrance into the castle. The group followed in and came across a door where they could hear voices arguing. The group prepared to the throw open the door and charge blindly and heroically in…

Prequel Session 5
Burn Baby Burn

The group returned from their wanderings in the east to claim their bounties on orcs and refresh themselves before heading out to the abandoned village of Thundertree, to search for the druid Reidoth (who might be able to tell them where Cragmaw castle is).

The group settled in at the bar, ordering drinks, and noticing a slovenly fighter stuffing his face with ale and food, a good deal of it ending up in his mutton chops. Mael began to sing for his supper, and cast glances at his lady love, and for the first time noticed the innkeeper’s displeasure. Feeling saucy, Mael walked up to the Toblen Stonehill, the innkeeper, and told him how he would take care of his daughter and that he could probably even find a husband for his other daughter. This comment greatly angered Toblen , since his other “daughter” was actually a son.

Mael, not to be stopped by common decency, then returned to his stage area and began singing a bawdy tune about fornicating and penetrating the innkeeper’s daughter in every possible way, in every possible location. Pushed past his breaking point, the innkeeper charged Mael with a frying pan and a bottle of liquor. The group watched on amused, until the innkeeper arrived at Mael, and after swigging from the bottle and grabbing a torch blew a gout of flame on Mael. The group was shocked, but quickly got to their feet.

Mael struck Toblen with his rapier, but he paid no mind and then blew a second gout of flame upon Mael before dropping the bottle and wrestling the rapier from Mael’s hand. The second gout of flame also started igniting the furnishings, but the innkeep paid it no mind so incensed with rage at Mael’s taunting.

Droop, the goblin pet of Mael’s, tried to help out by throwing a bottle at Toblen, but missed, and succeeded only in igniting the flames even more, he then passed out. Uri grabbed a few cups of ale to put out the fire, not noticing that most of them had been boilermakers, and served only to fan the flames. Barnabus, the potbellied slob, tried putting out the flames by pissing on them, but to no avail other than singing some hairs. Nikolas attempted to intercede on Mael’s part, but only got stabbed in thanks.

Mael tried running away with the innkeeper’s daughter and then returned to the inn and was cut down for it (and now pees three ways after being sporked with his own rapier), while Nikolas fought with Toblen. Uri and Tanner attempted to put out the flames, with many mishaps including burning themselves on a hot pot of stew and slipping in said stew. Eventually they managed to throw the pot at the wall and put out most of the flames, and breaking open the stairs in the process (which revealed a hidden chest). Uri had also noticed that a large amount of booze was tricking towards a fallen torch.

Mayhem ensued, and the net result was the innkeeper ran upstairs to take care of his wife, Uri left with the chest, the inn burned so much that the innkeeper and his wife collapsed through the the ceiling, nearly dying if not for the aid of Tanner. The group (except for Uri and Gadiel) were arrested along with the innkeeper and his family after allegations raged about how the fire was started flew and Toblen’s daughter telling everyone that Mael had been forcing himself upon her every night.

Uri broke out the group, and Tanner decided to accompany them, since they clearly were in great need of moral guidance.

The group then set out for Thundertree, encountering an owlbear on their way. And a second when they camped for the night outside of Thundertree (probably attracted by the great amount of food embedded in Tanner’s mutton chops). The group entered the former village of Thundertree and encountered a sign saying:
DANGER! Plant monsters AND zombies! Turn back now!

Not easily dissuaded, the group entered and encountered a few twig and vine blights, but had no difficulty dispatching them. They continued and came across the building that Reidoth had made his home. He agreed to tell them where Cragmaw castle is, and asked that they might help him out. Reidoth has been working to deal with the zombies and evil plant monsters in the village, but recently the balance has been thrown against him with the appearance of a young green dragon in the tower on the northside of the village and the recent appearance of a group of men wearing strange masks and wing like cloaks. He asked that they deal with them, so that he might better be able to work to restore this area to a natural balance.

The group decided to oblige him, after Tanner prodded them. They decided to deal with the men first, and stopped at the abandoned herbalist shop mentioned by widow Mirna Dendrar (a woman whom they had rescued from the Red Brand Ruffians, along with her children). They found the building the group was hiding in, blocked the exits and threw torches on the roof to get their attention, and the proceeded to quickly slaughter them without ever speaking, though they did leave one barely alive to talk with.

Prequel Session 4
Subquest Completion

With their lead to Cragmaw castle dead, the group made their way back to Connyberry, and found that their cart of supplies had been taken. They headed south to first stop at Old Owl Well and investigate the old tower. Uri snuck into the tower and found a mage in a tent all by himself with a strange tattoo on his shaved head. The group left Talborak to the grasslands while they entered the tower. Once inside they found 10 zombies emerged from the tower along with a human guard. As combat was about to ensue the wizard emerged from his tent demanding to know what was going on.

The group talked with the mage who they were able to identify as a Red Wizard (specializing in Necromancy), which Mirela for once was quiet about. The mage identified himself as Hamun Kost and mentioned that he was there to investigate the ruins for ancient knowledge, but refused to divulge about what, though he did offer the party two jobs:

  • Seek the banshee Agatha and find out the name of the wizard who built the tower, it would help in my research
  • destroy the orcs to the south, they have sent scouting parties here and I fear they will attack before long, and I doubt my defenses could stand long against them

The group agreed to destroy the orcs (especially since they were already going to do that). And so the the group rested for the night and then set south looking for where the filthy orcs might be hiding. A few hours of searching around Wyvern Torr, and the group spotted a lone sentry and cave entrance in a hill. The group waited until dark and sent Uri ahead to scout. He deftly made his way up the hill, and as he was observing the sentry, he placed his weight on a loose stone he was using for cover which went rolling down the hill. The orc saw the now exposed Uri and ran into the cave shouting, as Uri ran away towards his companions. The group made their stand on a hill top, waiting for the orcs to close the distance in the dark. Luckily for the group the orcs forgot their tactics and made a slow advance, but then a crafty ogre that had been sticking to the shadows appeared, and the leader of the orcs swelled with power as if he had suddenly been promoted from a lowly orc grunt to a War Chieftain. Talborak came rushing in from where he had been rolling in the grasslands with coyotes in the nick of time as several of the group had fallen to the onslaught of the orcs. In the end they were victorious with no casualties on their part. Best of all they found their missing cart, and loaded it with the spoils of war from the orcs.

After resting they returned to Old Owl Well, collected payment from Hamun Kost for a job well done, left and discussed the fact that as a Red Wizard, should they let him keep exploring these ruins, since he was obviously evil. Eventually our “morally superior” group of adventurers attacked and killed the Hamund and his zombies, and looted all that he had collected. Resting one final night they prepared to head back to Phandalin, to collect their rewards, get a good nights rest away from wolves and ogres, and prepare to set out for Thundertree in search of the Druid Reidoth, who might know where the Cragmaw castle is located.

Prequel Session 3
Skipping Merrily through the woods

Mirella and Talborak finally made their way to the town of Phandalin and met up with the group on their way back from Tresander Manor. Gadiel escorted the family they rescued back to their home and made arrangements to have the father buried by the Priestess of Tymora. The rest of the group turned in the bounty for defeating the Redbrand ruffians, and Sildar offered money if the group could bring in Iarno, preferably dead (to face justice by the Lord’s Alliance and also to learn what lead him down this path as he was a friend in the past).

The group rested for the night, with Mael getting another vigorous workout, before heading NE on the Triboar trail to seek out the Banshee Agatha, deal with the Orcs near Wyvern Torr, and Investigate what was going on at the Old Owl Well.

They encountered a few ambushes on their travels: a night time attack by a group of orcs from the Axebiter clan, a group of Cragmaw goblins on the trail, and later a small group of Hobgoblins on the trail with a bounty notice for Nikolas, offering 25 gp. One of the hobgoblins was captured and taken with them to Connyberry, which turned out to have been sacked a few years ago. The group tied him up, rested and went searching for the banshee the next day. The group managed to barter with Agitha for the requested information and then went back and allowed for the hobgoblin to escape, and then tracked him as he made his way, presumably to the Cragmaw castle. Everything was going swimmingly, until the hobgoblin came across a friendly ogre, at which point Talborak killed the hobgoblin while the group was ambushed by the ogre, though they managed to overpower it without much damage.

The group marked their trail and made their way, uneventfully back to Connyberry, preparing to set back down to take care of their unfinished business.

Prequel Session 2
Mad ramblings in the dark

Uri arrived in town, stopped at Barthen’s and found out his friend Gundren was missing, and then went to the Stonehill Inn looking for Gadiel and Nikolas, and sat for a few drinks (during which Elsa hit on Uri). During this time the group returned with their goods, dropped them off with the Lionshead Coster and while returning to the inn, met Uri. Catching eachother up, the group headed over to the Sleeping Giant Inn and got in a fight with 4 of the Redbrand Ruffians, capturing one, who they beat behind the inn till Mael creepily talked him into telling all he knew, they then took him to Sildar to be jailed.

The group then went to the Alderleaf farm to talk with Carp, who told them he saw the brigands emerge from a tunnel near Tresendar Manor (and Mael acted very creepy with the young Carp in front of his mother, offering to give the kid a sword like he asked).

The group set out to enter the manor through its hidden entrance and found a room with a crevasse with two bridges and a horrible one eyed creature, that probed the characters’ minds and whispered maddly about their deepest secrets, Uri was especially disturbed. They fought with the beast, Uri tried running away across one of the bridges, but it collapsed as he passed over it, falling into the crevasse, and Nikolas was thrown in after him. They both climbed out on the other side and the group eventually managed to take down the beast, a Nothic, but not before it’s mad cackling and mind intrusions had shaken the group. In the crevasse Uri found a chest filled with some treasure including two healing potions and a magic Longsword (Talon), which was given to Nikolas, after they left and took a long rest.

The group then retired to the inn to rest and recuperate from their fight with the four brigands. Mael again impregnated the innkeeper’s daughter.

The next day they reprovisioned, and Gadiel went to the Shrine of Tymora, and agreed to help her with a quest to find out the location of a spellbook from the banshee Agatha. The group then returned through the tunnel and began going through the cellar taking out the ruffians and their hires. They successfully cleared out 11 brigands, 3 bugbears, and 3 skeletons in total, but unfortunately the leader of the Redbrands, Glasstaff, escaped, though through documents left behind the group determined that he was in fact Iarno Albrek, a wizard and friend of Sildar Hallwinter (the man who was traveling with Gundren Rockseeker) who had gone missing 2 months ago. The group also rescued the Dendrar family, and agreed to take care of burying Thel. The group now must see them safely back to town.

Prequel Session 1
Journey to Phandalin and Goblin Genocide

Nikolas and Gadiel started off taking a low paying job, because Uri couldn’t be bothered to help out his friend and fellow dwarf Gundren Rockseeker transport some needed supplies to the small frontier town of Phandalin. Mirela and Talborak were busy dealing with Talborak’s adult circumcision, but world was left for them to meet up in Phandalin once everything was worked out. During the time they were transporting supplies from Neverwinter, they worked with Male (My-el) a halfing adventurer with a libido far larger than himself, who sang to them on the road of his own wondrous adventures. As they neared the settlement of Phandalin they came across a goblin ambush, where they were certain Gundren had been captured, seeing his dead horse in the middle of the road. Being victorious, just barely against four goblins, the group continued on to the settlement, dropped off supplies and most of the party rested for the night, except for Male, who will be the “proud” father the of a quarterling in 9 months (not that he knows that yet, the real question is will the inn keeper find out before him…)

Armed with many side quests, and for most a good night’s sleep, the group sent out to investigate further the goblin ambush. they came across a cave, where they began a bloody genocide, slaughtering goblins and wolves (most of whom were chained up unable to defend themselves, alignment change anyone) with impunity. They prevent one group of goblins from killing a man by wantonly ignoring the words of Yemek the goblin “Truce or I kill this human” by stabbing another goblin in the face, followed by the man being thrown off of a 10’ ledge. Yemek was captured, the human stabilized, and Gadiel touched the goblin in a special way, filling him with fear of his god Lathandar, after they pumped him for some information (even if the lawful good halfling whispered you should kill him). Armed with a goblin’s idea of how many 5 is, the group went on to finalize their genocide by attacking the once peaceful cave leader Klarg, the bugbear.

A fight quickly broke out when Gadiel stealthed forward with Nikolas by shout are those goblins over there, which lead to a confrontation with Klarg, and a near TPK. First Nikolas went down, then Gadiel sprouted some arrows in his back, and while Male ran away, after killing Klarg (yes a halfing bard killed a bugbear) chased by the bugbears wolf (renamed fluffy since the DM couldn’t be bothered to look and see that it was actually named ripper). All seemed lost, until Nikolas stabilized himself and Male managed to go three rounds without having his wittle neck ripped out by the fearsome fluffy, and killing it by rapiering it to death. Nikolas called for a truce, the group retreated outside the cave and then storyboarded the completion of their genocide (remembering then that they had left the stabilized human under some dead goblin corpses).

Nikolas returned with the human, Sildar Hallwinger the man who had road with Gundren towards Phandalin before being ambushed, back to town rested while his companions stayed in the goblin cave, sleeping well in a warm bed while for all he knew a returning party of the Cragmaw goblins returned and slaughtered his companions, and then returned in the morning with a wagon to transport back to town the pilfered goods they had found to turn in for a reward with the Lionshield Costers for 50 GP (yes friendship is that cheap).

The party now rewarded and winning accolades of some members of the town is ready to go out seeking side quests until they feel it is safe to go after their former employer who is probably being tortured by goblins and close to death, since why go for the main quest when you can level up on side quests anyways.

As a note, Uri, Mirela, and Talborak will be starting with 300 XP and thus be 2nd level like their companions.

The horror, the horror

Having successfully retrieved the floating book, Uri and Brak prepared to get dressed when floating out from the wall appeared the specter that had attacked them before, only this time he appeared with 4 orc specters as well. He commanded them, “Kill the other, but leave the dwarf for me”.

Uri Gimgirn quickly put on his ring and teleported part way up the stairs calling to them to try and distract them from the group, or save his own hide. However, it was the Holy power of Lathandar wielded by Brak and Gadiel that drove the specters away cursing, and vowing to bring more undead to the next encounter.

Fully clothed the group ascended the stairs to the lighting room and Mirela and Uri, protected from the lightning blasts, inspected the two southern doors for traps and then quickly ushered the group through the eastern one. Exploring they found 2 more doors in the corridor, one north and one south. The north led to a small alcove with the dessicated body of a robed person with a dagger in their back, clutching a book. Mirela picked up the book and opened it, and in a puff all of its interior flowed filled the room.

The southern door was covered in bronze, etched with an image of crown surrounded by several naked swords (or dwarves as some initially thought…). Upon entering the room the group found the decapitated corpse of a Manticore atop a canvas sack. Talborak went to move the corpse, and was beset by Rot Grubs, most were removed by Nikolas Evermoore’ flaming sword and an application of Cure Disease by Brak. Further into the room the group found an amber radiance emanating, a dozen suits of armor, and a cracked throne (the radiance came from the area in front of the throne).

Believing that the suits might be guardians and perhaps the ones that the Sage Riyal had offered to pay them for. Mirela determined the best solution would be to unleash her wild magic upon the room and stick the suits in webbing. Her efforts were wild for certain, first causing her to gain a brief period of X-ray vision, then to cause bright lights to dance within the room, and lastly to _____. At this point Uri chucked his axe at one of the suits, and all of them animated to attack.

The battle was long and grueling, but the party was finally victorious. The suits, as determined during combat, were more powerful Battle Horrors, and were able to blink in and out of existence creating great difficulty for the party to hit them. With the battle over, the priests set about healing the many wounds of the party, and Mirela waited for an allergy to magical things to abate. At this point Uri climbed upon the throne, at which point light began to draw from the floor into the throne. The group watched as the throne slowly filled with light until in a flash the light was gone, and with it Uri. Gadiel and Nikolas determined that the magic used while the throne was charging was alteration magic, which could mean that Uri had just been teleported, or he could also have been disintegrated. After several minutes passed the group decided to follow their companion, feeling that it most likely was a teleporation spell, and since Uri had not reappeared that he might be in danger.

The group found themselves in the Rat Hills of Waterdeep, and were forced to trudge through miles of garbage and polluted waters, luckily without event. Upon returning the group sought out Riyal and negotiated a new price (Perhaps they might have gotten an even better one if they had not smelled of rotting garbage) for the suits they hoped to return with after resting a day.


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