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  • Infravision

    Infravision works as low light vision. As long as there is some dim light, the character can see beyond this X feet, where X is the range listed for their race, magic item, or spell.

  • Wizard Spell Memorization

    Wizards must prepare all of their spells in advance. The time to prepare spells is 15 minutes per level (0th level spell count as 1/2 level), and in this process they precast the majority of the spell. Later when they are casting a spell, they are …

  • Priest Spell Memorization

    Priests do not need to memorize specific spells like wizards, due to their divine nature. Every day they receive the ability to cast a number of spells, which represents their ability to channel divine energy through their body. They do not have the …

  • Perception Checks

    All characters have a perception skill equal to a d20 + DEX (react adj) + WIS (Mental Def Mod). These checks would take the place of spot checks (notice a tripwire across a hallway, chance to penetrate an illusion, notice a useful bit of information in …

  • Attacks of Opportunity

    Attacks of opportunity occur when an individual ignores an enemy. The attack made is a free attack that is made immediately. An individual can make multiple attacks of opportunity in a round, but only 1 against each opponent in a round. Number of …

  • Casting in Combat

    When casting a spell during combat wizards and priests loose their DEX bonus to AC, since you must stand still and not be moving wildly around. If 1 point or more of damage is dealt the spell is disrupted and lost. The loss of DEX bonus to AC occurs …

  • Facing Effects

    Each character has three/four facings (8 squares for M sized individuals): * Front (where you threaten), 3 spaces along the front of your character * Rear (where you are most vulnerable), 3 spaces along the rear of your character * Flank 2 squares on …

  • Multiple Attacks

    Extra attacks gained from multiple weapons or attack options (monsters with claw/claw/bite etc.) make all of their attacks on their initiative. Extra attacks gained from specialization/level or ROF for missile weapons occur at the end of the round.

  • Movement

    Calculating Movement Rate * Base movement:

    Human/Half-Elf/Elf: 12

    Dwarf/Gnome/Halfling: 6 * Modifiers from Ability scores

    Add a character's STR (Stamina) Hit …

  • Ability Checks

    Ability checks are made by rolling a d20 and succeed when you roll equal to or less than your ability score

  • Backstabbing After Combat Has Started

    At the end of a round that you are behind an opponent you can make a Hide in Shadows check (this will be the equivalent of making a feint check to make the opponent think you're no longer behind them). As long as you win initiative and are still behind …

  • Dual Classing

    Instead of needing ridiculous ability scores for dual classing, as of now you only must have the appropriate prerequisites. If anyone does dual class we can post more on if the other rules of dual classing are appropriate.

  • Firing Into Melee

    When using a ranged attack on an opponent in melee, the attacker has two choices: * Take a -4 to attack to make sure they target their desired opponent (essentially a called shot) * Take a chance that in the chaos of fighting their shot hits a different …

  • Weapon-Creature Reach

    Normally a M sized creature can only attack opponents in its 3 front spaces. Some weapons (like polearms) have a range that can extend this and allow attacks further away, and there are some weapons (lances and pikes specifically) that are classified as …

  • Grappling

    Grapples can be initiated by the following: Wrestling, Martial Holds, Pinning, and Grabbing. Grappled creatures have the following options: * Respond with unarmed attack * Attack with a size S weapon * Escape the grapple (depends on how grappled) …

  • Actions in a round

    h5. The following are what can be done in a given round: * Attack * Cast a Spell * Fire Missiles * [[Movement | Run]] * Guard * [[Movement | Sprint]] * [[Movement | Charge]] * [[Cover]] * [[Movement | Move]] * Use a Magic item * Parry Each …

  • Special Combat Moves

    h6. Overrun: * When a larger opponent attempts to move into a smaller opponent's square. * Provokes an attack of opportunity * After the defender's attack of opportunity they must make a saving throw vs. paralyzation or be knocked down. If the save is …

  • Cover

    At the start of an encounter a character with a readied bow or crossbow can announce that they are covering an opponent within his weapon's short range (character must have proficiency with this weapon). * The weapon gains a -5 bonus to initiative, and …

  • Combat Modifiers

    Standard Modifiers to Attack Rolls:
    Situation Attack Roll Modifier
    Attacker on Higher Ground +1
    Defender is Invisibile -4
  • Lucky

    The lucky character trait should allow for all/some of the following: * If you need to find someone then your luck will let you find them in the shortest time possible * Any items you need to get will always be found from the merchant who is selling …

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