Calculating Movement Rate

  • Base movement:

    Human/Half-Elf/Elf: 12

    Dwarf/Gnome/Halfling: 6

  • Modifiers from Ability scores

    Add a character’s STR (Stamina) Hit Probability

    Add a character’s DEX (Balance) Reaction adjustment
    (Note that for split scores, sub-abilities mentioned are not the ones affect the above listed)
    Encumbrance will lower this, but unless a character is STR drained to greatly lower their carrying capacity or they abuse the trust of how much their character is carrying it will not be applied.

Moving Effects:

  • It costs 3 points of movement for every 2 squares of diagonal movement
  • Charge: move 1.5x movement rate, gain +2 to attack roll, suffer a +1 penalty to AC (and subject to weapons that can be set for a charge)
    (Note that there are rules for how far you get when using movement for initiative, but for simplicity you are covering these distances on your go)
  • Run: Move 2x movement rate, loose DEX bonus to AC, suffer a +1 penalty to AC (and subject to weapons that can be set for a charge)
  • Sprint: Move 3x movement rate, penalties as Running, but last for the duration of the round

Moving Through Other Figures:
A character can move through a square occupied by a friendly figure as long as that figure isn’t threatened or attacking in the current round

Modifiers to Movement
Condition Reduce Move By
Heavy Brush or Thicket 2/3
Light Brush or Forest 1/3
Ice or Slippery Footing 1/3
Steep Slope or Rough Ground 1/2
Knee Deep Snow, Water, or soft sand 1/3
Waist Deep Snow/Water 1/2
Shoulder Deep Snow/Water 2/3


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