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Prequel Session 3

Skipping Merrily through the woods

Mirella and Talborak finally made their way to the town of Phandalin and met up with the group on their way back from Tresander Manor. Gadiel escorted the family they rescued back to their home and made arrangements to have the father buried by the Priestess of Tymora. The rest of the group turned in the bounty for defeating the Redbrand ruffians, and Sildar offered money if the group could bring in Iarno, preferably dead (to face justice by the Lord’s Alliance and also to learn what lead him down this path as he was a friend in the past).

The group rested for the night, with Mael getting another vigorous workout, before heading NE on the Triboar trail to seek out the Banshee Agatha, deal with the Orcs near Wyvern Torr, and Investigate what was going on at the Old Owl Well.

They encountered a few ambushes on their travels: a night time attack by a group of orcs from the Axebiter clan, a group of Cragmaw goblins on the trail, and later a small group of Hobgoblins on the trail with a bounty notice for Nikolas, offering 25 gp. One of the hobgoblins was captured and taken with them to Connyberry, which turned out to have been sacked a few years ago. The group tied him up, rested and went searching for the banshee the next day. The group managed to barter with Agitha for the requested information and then went back and allowed for the hobgoblin to escape, and then tracked him as he made his way, presumably to the Cragmaw castle. Everything was going swimmingly, until the hobgoblin came across a friendly ogre, at which point Talborak killed the hobgoblin while the group was ambushed by the ogre, though they managed to overpower it without much damage.

The group marked their trail and made their way, uneventfully back to Connyberry, preparing to set back down to take care of their unfinished business.


Kills: 400XP for orcs, 450XP ogre, 500 Xp for hobgoblins, 450XP for the goblins
Defeat the Redbrands: 100 XP each character
Get information from the Banshee: 34 XP each character
Deliver the information to Sister Garaele: Incomplete
Total for all characters: 434 XP
Roleplaying: Taylor Inspiration, Chris: 50 XP
Ideas: Josh: 250 XP

Prequel Session 3
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