Vermont Gamers

Delving in the Dark

The group having met up with their friend Barnabus venture back down into Undermountain, out to collect the several suits of battle horror armor to sell. Once this task was complete they began going through and filling out their map of the dungeon exploring side passages near the entrance from the Yawning Portal, going down one passage filled almost completely with water. On the other side they encountered a curtain of darkness, which Barnabus attempted to navigate, just narrowly avoiding being sucked down into the bottom of a deep shaft. They also found a secret passage that led into a tomb area associated with Bereg Whitehelm, a Dwarf from a forgotten time, though they only found his servants graves, being defiled by ghouls.

The group then started exploring to the north and found a room with three statues being guarded by a lone hobgoblin. After fighting the hobgoblin the group was ambushed by a pack of dopplegangers. Badly injured the group retreated back to the surface.


Uri, Nickolas, Gadiel, Buchvold, and Barnabus all receive 1,435 XP

Delving in the Dark
GeoffreyGiampa GeoffreyGiampa

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