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Prequel Session 8

Dank Caves and Thunderous Waves

Having mustered their courage, the group delved into the entrance of Wave Echo Cave, led by Gundren. Upon entering the cave, it became quickly apparent where the name originated, as every few minutes there was a sound of crashing waves with a deep toll that shook the ground on which they stood. In the mouth of the entrance, they found a camp with supplies, along with the body of one of Gundren’s brothers. The group quickly pressed on, hoping that Gundren’s last brother might yet be alive. Barnabus tried, ineffectively to comfort the grieving dwarf.

After descending a short gorge they were presented with two tunnels, one leading to the northwest, and the other to the east. The group went north, following a series of passages that were a mix of rough and worked stone. Shortly they arrived at a small pond within a cavern, it’s waters inky black, and moving sluggishly to the north. Upon stepping nearer to the pond two dwarven skeletons emerged from the water, orcish arrows embedded in their bones. The group advanced to attack these foul undead, at which point Gadiel, who was bringing up the rear, was attacked by an ocher jelly.

Nickolas, withdrew from the skeletons to fight the jelly, only to find to his chagrin that slashing weapons caused the jelly to split into two new jellies, uninjured by his attack. Eventually through might and magic the group was able to subdue their attackers. Uri, suspected that there might be something important in the waters, and feeling do sense of impending doom, dived in, swimming around the bottom like at trout that has swallowed a belly full of rocks. Despite the rest of the group’s misgivings, Uri was proved right as he emerged with a wand that had been clutched by a long dead human skeleton, which turned out to be a wand of magic missiles.

After drying off a bit, the first bath any of the characters have had since this adventure began, Uri went off scouting up a set of stairs. He found a door, behind which he heard gruff voices speaking in goblin, and then moved on to a T intersection. Looking around a corner he saw a male Drow and bugbear on a ridge, and was spotted by the eagle-eyed drow, who shouted: “Kill the dwarf”.

With quick reflexes, the drow ran down Uri and struck him, again shouting his refrain. Uri back away shouting for aid, and made it back to the steps, as the door he had investigated was thrown open and 5 more bugbears emerged. Nickolas and Uri stood on the steps holding the line, while Barnabus used his glaive to strike from behind and Gadiel cast prayers to aid them. Things were going well enough, until the drow emerged from the pond, having swum up threw the channel the water was slowly leaving from, and knocked Gadiel unconscious. At this time the bugbears began to press upon the group. With some luck, and barely alive the group was able to slay the drow, who turned out to be a doppleganger, and all but one of the bugbears, which retreated into the room from which it came and barricaded the door.

Badly injured and worried that more enemies might soon arrive, the group retreated to the entrance of the cave to take a short rest and recover. With the expenditure of divine healing and a few potions, the group again set out, worried that if they went the same way they might come afoul of a trap, the group went to the east, finding a cavern, that was most likely the main entrance to the mine before its fall, filled with the skeletons of dwarves and orcs, and were soon assaulted by a murder of stirges. The buzzing of their wings was enough to put the group on guard and they were able to move swiftly on. They took a turn to the south and found what they presumed to be the assayer’s office, and more importantly to Uri, the assayer’s strongbox, which he found difficulty in opening.

The group then moved on to what was a guardroom, again filled with the skeletons of orcs and dwarves. Uri moved deeper into the room, seeing another chest, after which 9 skeletons assembled themselves from the bodies of the fallen (taking bones from multiple bodies). The fight would have been quickly and painlessly ended, except for the appearance of another ocher jelly, again attacking Gadiel from the rear. But like their opponents before them, they were quickly dealt with…


Group XP:

Barnabus, Nickolas, Uri, and Gadiel:
850 XP

Uri: Greed role-playing: 50 XP

Prequel Session 8
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