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Prequel Session Finale

The end is only the begining

The intrepid adventurers began by resting and recovering from their trials and tribulations, and then pressed on, finding the ancient forge of Wave Echo Cave, which even now possessed magical energy, though not as strong as it once was. Beside the forge they found a Spectator, which still guarded the place, but was dismissed by the deceptive lie of Barnabus T. Barnabus. Here they also found an enchanted breast plate and a holy mace of Lathandar. They then confronted angry wraith of a former mage, and then moved on to confront the Black Spider, where their superior numbers won them the day. Locked away in a room they found Gundren’s brother Nundro, unconscious but alive. Gundren was delighted to be reunited with his brother.

The group left to return to Neverwinter to collect the money for the suit of armor they had commissioned and sold it. Gadiel returned to Phandalen to restore Tresendar Manor as a temple of Lathandar. While slow to develop the Rockseeker brothers have slowly begun to repay the group with their 10% share in the mine’s profits.


Rewards and Conclusions:
All characters are now 6th level.
Each PC gained 2800 GP

PCs can trade in 3,000GP to get from the DMG (subject to DM approval) either 5 common magic items (such as +1 weapons/armor), 3 uncommon items, or 1 rare.

Prequel Session Finale
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